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2021 Social Media Statistics!

In the recent year, social media has been very important because we have been forced to rely on digital technology more than ever. Without apps like Zoom, students wouldn’t be able to attend their classes and businesses wouldn’t be able to have virtual meetings. It has also allowed us to stay in contact with our loved ones while remaining safe during this pandemic. Here are 2021 social media statistics that are important to know!


2021 Social Media use

The latest studies have shown there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide! To put this into context, there are about 7 billion people in the world so over half have social media. This just displays the dominance social media has over the modern-day world we live in and is going to continue to grow each and every year. Aside from social media, there are about 4.66 billion people around the world that use the internet in 2021!

In the U.S. the numbers are even higher: (Picture via : Broadband search

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Active users 2021

People are on their phones constantly checking social media. Some check their apps once a day and some are constantly tweeting, posting, or just chatting with friends throughout the day

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Key Internet Statistics to Know in 2021 (Including Mobile) - BroadbandSearch

As we can see, Facebook continues to remain dominant in social media usage. YouTube and Instagram continue to grow as well and stay as good competitors for the top spot, eventually.

Snapchat seems to be dwindling down as Twitter and Tik Tok are ahead. It seems the newer updates to Instagram and other apps have hurt snapchats use overall, but it still has a strong number of active users.

I am excited to see how Tik Tok grows or if it dies over the next few years, like Vine did. If you are not familiar with TikTok, click the link to learn more. I personally believe TikTok is going to continue to grow as it has been exploding the past year and more and more people are downloading it every day. TikTok has really taken the world by storm and has allowed thousands of people to become famous, don’t be surprised if they have a billion active users by mid 2021.

Next Big app:

Clubhouse is going to be one of the next big apps to gain immense popularity over the next few years. If you have never heard of Clubhouse, click the link to learn more! To keep it brief, Clubhouse is an audio-based app that allows you to meet new people and listen to speakers. Right now, the app is invite only, but you can reserve a username.

Meet Clubhouse, the voice-only social media app setting the internet abuzz

Social media use by age

It is no surprise the younger generation is absolutely in love with social media. They have grown up in this digital world, so it makes sense they would adapt to this and become very skilled and obsessed with social media. This doesn’t mean they are the only ones that use the app on a regular basis. Older adults have become fan favorites of social media and use it regularly.

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Social media is going to continue to grow every year. Take advantage of this unique opportunity now and connect with new potential customers. If you have not started a social media account for your company give it a try today!