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2021-2022 Prediction

What is clubhouse?

Clubhouse is going to be one of the next apps to gain immense popularity in the upcoming year or so. You may or may not have heard of Clubhouse but let me tell you why should pay attention. Clubhouse is an audio-based app. The app is really based off of voice and allows users to tell stories, come up with unique ideas, meet new people, and much more. You are allowed to go to different chats and listen to others talk and interact with them or just listen to what they have to say. A super creative thing Clubhouse has done is the fact nothing is recorded, once the chats are over, they are gone. This gives people a fear of missing out and builds more anticipation around the app.


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How do I join?

At the given time, Clubhouse is only available on IOS. Clubhouse is an exclusive app, so you do need an invite in order to actually participate in these talks and interactions with others. The unique thing you are allowed to do is download the app and reserve a username, which usernames become precious real estate on social media platforms. There is a limitation on invites as well as of now, so it appeals to big name celebrities and businesses. Taylor Lorenz wrote in the New York Times in December Clubhouse has 600,000 registered users!


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Why we believe this will be the next big app

Clubhouse is unlike any other app out right now. These are live conversations with people and allow people to work with each other and expand their knowledge while also networking. Currently, many professionals have flooded to share their expertise around various topics. This has created a new way to build a new audience and connect with other professionals to provide a better overview and discussion. A law office in DC, which is a client of our has used the app to share their expertise around traffic laws. These discussions have led to an increase in website visits and a spike in new traffic ticket clients.


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What should you do next?

In order to join the app, you must be invited. Reach out to your network, find someone who is an iPhone user with a profile and will invite you. Current members are only allowed one invitation. Once you have joined, visit some of the rooms, see how it works and come up with some topics you can speak to. Do you need help determining good content for Clubhouse? Just shoot us an email at for a free consultation.


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