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How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Last week we had a client come to us trying to decide on a strategic business name and website domain. We’ve decided to explain the process we shared with them as well as a resource GoDaddy offers to explain how to choose a great domain name.

Without getting too technical, for anyone who is not sure what a domain name is, a domain name is basically the URL for your website, i.e. The domain is the address which your website can be found.

Step 1: Google Search

Do a Google search for the keyword or phrase most likely searched for your industry. For example we’re going to search home warrantyto get a list of home warranty companies and websites. Here, we’re able to see some of the business names, domain names and phrases used in Google AdWords campaigns. Use that information to help you come up with good domain and business name ideas.

Step 2: Business Name Search

Now that you’ve got some ideas of business names, you need to check the registry to make sure the business names you’ve come up with are available. If you’re going to register your business in the state you live, you can search the database for companies with similar names. For this example, we’ll look for business names in Pennsylvania. If you are looking to open your business in another state, do a Google search for the business entity search for your state. There are many websites out there that will charge you for this free service, so choose a .gov website.

Step 3: GoDaddy Domain Search

Next, you’ll want to visit At the top of the web page you’ll see a search bar for domains. Type in the domain name you have in mind and perform a search. GoDaddy will show you if the domain name is available or not. They will also provide other options to consider. Find what domain names are available. If you love on, go ahead and buy it. People are performing these searches daily. If you wait, even just a day, that domain may be taken. Also, because we’ve worked with GoDaddy for so long, we know how to find the best coupons codes. So when you’re ready, drop us a message and we’ll share our knowledge!

Step 4: Trademark Research

Now that you have your business name and domain options listed, you’ll need to make sure there aren’t any current trademarks on any taglines you may have considered. The database will even breakdown the way a tagline or phrase may be used. It even gets down to the hashtags certain businesses have trademarked.

Step 5: Conglomerate Marketing’s Pro Tip

At Conglomerate Marketing we have access to resources that will show the keywords, advertising budgets and advertising campaigns of your competitors. This will give you a leg up and help you identify the level of difficulty to enter the market. Drop us a message and we’ll share our knowledge with you.

Final Step: View GoDaddy Video

This video gives a thorough explanation of how to find the best domain name. We always recommend clients use GoDaddy, even though we’re not an affiliate.

How to choose a great domain name:

Now you should know how to choose a great domain name. Let us know your thoughts and if there are any other topics you’d like us to cover.

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