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Best SME Marketing Agency 2020 – New Jersey

Conglomerate Marketing was named Best SME Marketing Agency 2020 – New Jersey by Corporate Vision Magazine as a winner of the 2020 Technology Innovator Awards.

Innovation is the true driver of the technological landscape. It’s through the efforts of companies both large and small that the business world can continue to grow, exceed expectations and evolve its offerings. As such, CV launched the Technology Innovator Awards to recognize all companies that are helping – in whatever way they can – to deliver change through innovation, expertise and creativity.

Now in its sixth year, the Technology Innovator Awards have only grown to encompass a plethora of businesses to showcase their individual achievements and successes in the technology sphere.

Chief Marketing Officer of Conglomerate Marketing, Donte Murphy took a moment to discuss the success of their recognition in this year’s program: “It’s exciting to be recognized for our hard work. The team and I have helped many small businesses grow over our 3 years and this shows we’re on the right path.”

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