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YouTube has always been one of the most reliable places to search on the internet for entertainment purposes. YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google, who owns YouTube. If YouTube Shorts does compete with Tik Tok, then this can be a huge advantage for YouTube. Google is going to be able to push YouTube shorts over Instagram, Twitter, Tok Tok, etc… . Along with this, these short videos will now show up in Google’s search bar when you go to look up YouTube. Shorts was first introduced in India on the Android, but they look to expand globally and also to IOS.

Tik Tok VS YouTube Shorts

I assume they initially released in India because TikTok has been banned there and Shorts is practically taking Tik Tok’s spot. TikTok was a huge success in India when it was available, so once they expand Shorts fully to IOS, it could really start to take off. This was a very smart move on YouTube’s part as many people in India will now use this. Content creators also play a huge role as they can give their input before Shorts is launched globally. Now, Shorts is practically another version of TikTok. The biggest difference is the videos on Shorts are 60 seconds compared to 15 seconds on Tik Tok.

You can choose speed controls, music, the timer button, and you just tap the bright red button to record. This makes an easy option to promote your business, product, or anything that fits in the 60 second timeframe. On top of this, YouTube is a great place for you to display your knowledge or post entertaining content. Most people stream YouTube from their phones, which makes connecting to your social media or subscribing to you so much easier. Once they do follow or subscribe make sure to interact with them. One way to do so is interacting in the comment section of your post!

Online Traffic

Lastly, by 2022 it is expected that about 82% of online traffic will now be online videos. Post regular content when Shorts release, as it can help you gain a wide range of followers. These followers may also connect on Instagram, Twitter, and anything else you are on. If you gain more and more followers, your company will be in great shape! From my own experience with Shorts, it seems that you can now watch some of them in the U.S., but I was unable to make any yet. YouTube is still slowly introducing it to the U.S. audience.

Next Steps

After YouTube Shorts is fully introduced in the U.S., give it a shot. Even if it is a generic video about your company or a funny video, just attempt to make content. There is always a chance the video may blow up!