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It is time for you to take advantage of Tik Tok. Not sure what Tik Tok is? Here’s our blog post with a little more detail. Tik Tok is a social network where you are able to share self-made videos. The app has gained immense popularity over the last two years and is one of the top social media apps out right now! It’s perfect storm and here’s why you should consider Tik Tok for your business!

Grow your audience

Maximize your ROI by reaching out to your specific audience and make sure they see your ads. This is an easy way for you to reach new potential customers and create content daily, weekly, or monthly that you want them to see. The content can be an ad you want them to see, tips or tricks to help them, ways to grow your business, or entertaining content. The great thing about Tik Tok is you can get really creative with the content you post because there are so many people that use the app. There is also a “For You Page” or “FYP” that is really a huge thing on the app. The For You Page allows videos to blow up or if your company uses an influencer, to reach thousands or millions of people.

Get Creative

If you are a creative type of person Tik Tok is a great app for you. This app allows you to display your creative ways to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people. People have gotten famous on Tik Tok for dances, motivational posts, memes, business accounts, art accounts, and the list goes on. If you have a really good idea or product you think could be a big hit, putting up a video on Tik Tok can’t hurt. The worst thing is the video doesn’t get many views and you try again. Once you have one video get a decent amount of likes and views, you will slowly start to gain followers!

Monthly Users and audience

Tik Tok is estimated to have 800 million active users worldwide. The number should continue to steadily increase, and I would not be surprised if it reaches 1 billion soon. Charlie D’Amelio, a social media personality, is now up to 107.8 million followers on her own. On top of this, she has over 8.6 billion likes on her videos! This has allowed her to collab with brands and become the most popular person on this app. Many of these users are teens to younger adults. In fact, about 41% of Tik Tok users are between 16 and 26 years old, according to Tik Tok is also available to 150 countries and 75 different languages. The average person also spends around 52 minutes a day on Tik Tok and in the U.S. there are 100 million monthly users.

Video marketing is the future

It isn’t a secret people are starting to fall in love with online videos. In fact, Forbes stated by 2022 online videos will make up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic! Also, about 81% of businesses are using online tools as well. Like other social media platforms, not all businesses hopped on a certain app right away. As a business, it is a great idea to take advantage of this extremely fast growing and popular app. Don’t be one of those people to miss out on a great opportunity.

Next Steps

Please capitalize on this opportunity to take your business’ social media to the next level. All it takes is one video to blow up and you immediately gain follows and recognition. Download the app today and get started!