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Instagram has recently been changing the layout of their app. Here are a few things that you should take advantage of!

Instagram Reels

Instagram seems to be switching their focus to the new 15 second reels. Reels now  has its own section on Instagram. Reels has recently been becoming more and more popular and they now try and compete with Tik Tok. A major benefit of reels is that the videos are short, just like the attention spans of most people.

Instagram confirms its TikTok rival, Reels, will launch in the US in early August | TechCrunch



Instagram just released a guide’s section, which helps creators to share content that has already been posted or saved. You just go under the guides tab, from there you can click on places, products, or posts that you have made or saved!

mental health issues: Instagram launches 'Guides', partners with Deepika Padukone to share tips about well-being & mental health - The Economic Times

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Instagram shopping service

With the holidays coming up it is in your best interest to get your company on the Instagram shop. This is an easy way for people searching to buy a certain product to come and buy off of you and then interact with your page.

Instagram opens up Instagram Shopping to more creators and small businesses | Mobile Marketing Magazine


Keyword Search

Keyword search on Instagram is only available in UK, US. Ireland, Canada, and two other countries. This is an easier way to search up key words such as “healthy recipes,” rather than searching up a hashtag. The search is limited as of now. Word searches such as “election” or “vaccine” will not pop up because of Instagram guidelines. Things like “puppies”, “flowers”, and “healthy recipes” will work.

Keyword search is coming to Instagram - The Verge


It is important to take advantage of the new trends that are happening with Instagram right now. Try and experiment with reels as they start to gain more and more popularity. Maybe one of your post will blow up!

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