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A podcast is a platform where you are able to speak about your industry or anything that you have knowledge on and are passionate about. The great thing a podcast does is that it helps bring brand awareness to your company and allows you to express this passion verbally to listeners. Below we uncover 6 Reasons to Start a Podcast.

1. How easy it is to make a podcast

Starting a podcast is an easy and reliable way to connect with your customers. A few things that are needed include: Headphones, Microphone, Discussion Ideas, Podcast name, artwork, and a target audience. Obviously you need headphones and a microphone so you can talk and hear what you or your guest is saying. On top of this, you want to come up with a name that stands out or specifies that top that will be discussed in these segments. An example would be Conglomerate Marketing Podcast(whatever we decide) or Pardon My Take. Short, sweet, and the audience can associate what they learn or hear from this podcast to that name. You also want to come up come up with creative artwork to represent the image of this podcast. Lastly, know the audience you are targeting and push content they want to hear.

2. Familiarity with Podcasts

About 75% of the U.S. population is now familiar with the word podcasting or what a podcast is in general. It is becoming more well known to the public and within the next few years, the number should keep rising.

3. Monthly Listeners 

According to about 37% of people listen to a podcast monthly. This would be be a 5% jump from last year, which was only 32%

podcast statistics and charts 2020 - monthly podcast listeners growth

4. Increase Website Traffic

People who listen to a podcast are more likely to listen off of their phones. This is an easy way for you to mention your social media in your podcast so they get connected with you and can keep up with your latest podcast and posts!

5.  People who have listened to a podcast

About 55% of people have listened to a podcast before. In 2019 it was roughly 51% of people have listened to a podcast, showing that there is growth in this area.

6. Time Invested

Listeners spend about an average of 6 hours and 39 minutes per week listening to podcast. Now every podcast is different, but if you provide entertaining content or a way for people to expand their knowledge than people will listen. The main idea is do not just ramble on and on about nonsense. If your topic takes you 18 minutes them leave it there, do not try and extend it another 20 minutes with fillers.

6 Reasons to Start a Podcast

As people start becoming more familiar with podcasts, now is the perfect time to experiment with starting a podcast. The great thing about a podcast is that you can talk about anything you have knowledge on. The podcast does not just have to be about one specific topic, the ideas you can talk about are endless!

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